Water purifiers

At Aquaidam we work to ensure that everyone drinks healthy water of the highest quality. Our purification system is unique. Our machines belong to the fifth generation of reverse osmosis machines.

Water purifiers

At Aquaidam we work to ensure that everyone drinks healthy water of the highest quality. Our purification system is unique. Our machines belong to the fifth generation of reverse osmosis machines.

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    We are fortunate to live in a country where tap water is drinkable. However, it may have a flavor that is not entirely pleasant or completely purified. Tap water may contain contaminants that are imperceptible to the eye and whose prolonged consumption harm our health. Therefore, the best way to guarantee reliable, pure water with a pleasant taste and that is healthy, are water purifiers. 

    At Aquaidam we value health, which is why we offer you not only water purifiers, but also a complete variety of drinking fountains of the highest quality and reliability. In this way you can choose the ideal water purifier for your home, your office, your school or your business. You will not have to carry bottles or jugs, which are made of plastic that ends up polluting our environment. It is unlimited instant purified water, under the highest quality standards and to which you can have access at all times.  

    At Aquaidam we offer you water purifiers that work under a complete reverse osmosis system. We have two main types of water purifiers: fountains and purifiers. The fountains are water dispensers that replace the archaic traditional water dispensers that use carafes. No more bottles to transport, no more polluting plastic and yes instant water, cold, hot or natural, 100% purified, alkaline, perfect.  

    In the case of tap water purifiers, it is compact, ultra-modern equipment to obtain Km 0 water. This means that it will not pass through any container or rest there, without any means of transport that may have contaminated it. This system allows you to choose the type of mineralization of the water to drink, which can be medium mineralization and weak mineralization. It is a computer equipped with a digital screen, small in size, discreet and portable: it measures less than 40 cm in height. And with the Aquastop system to detect leaks and block the equipment automatically  

    We also have another water purifier, Egeo, also compact: it measures less than 44 cm in height. You can place it inside a cupboard or place it in the kitchen or on a table, taking up very little space. It also has a tap with two handles, depending on the level of mineralization of the water you want to obtain. Fresh, pure water available 24/7 is what Aquaidam offers you.   

    Our Aquaidam water purifiers are available in different models and capacities. They have an automatic cleaning system and have a water quality detector. Drink purified water 100% free of impurities and microplastics! In addition to the fact that our water purifying systems have a minimalist, ultra-modern design that harmonizes with your space.  

    If you want to know more about the high efficiency of our water purifiers and their characteristics, visit our website. You can also fill out the form requesting information about our purifiers and systems for homes and businesses. Guarantee the health of your family or the workers of your office or company with a state-of-the-art water purifier.  

    For starters, water fountains consistently deliver 100% pure water. They have a metal body, a stainless steel sink and a receptacle with an outlet so that there is no waste of water, but rather it returns to the system. They are very simple to use because you only have to press a button and that's it. They offer you natural, hot and cold water. At Aquaidam we have two models of water fountains, the Atlantic model and the Pacific model. Both offer you water 24 hours a day and work with the 5-stage reverse osmosis system.

    The Atlantic Fountain measures 44" (111.5cm) high, 12" (30cm) wide and 15" (39cm) deep. It has water dispensers according to the temperature you want. The Pacific water fountain has a larger storage capacity, it is 10.9 L for cold water and 3 L for hot water. It has a height of 120 cm x 38 cm wide x 43 cm deep.

    We live in a consumer society where many items are single-use, such as plastic bottles, which are thrown away once their content is used up. Much of that plastic is not taken to a green point or recycled or reused, but ends up in landfills. In turn, in its degradation, the plastic becomes smaller and smaller pieces, becoming microplastics and nanoplastics that reach the water mantles and affect living beings.

    Taking care of the environment is essential in these times, as well as reducing our carbon footprint. This is possible by stopping consuming bottled or jug water and opting for purified water from Km 0, which also no longer uses transportation for its transfer. In this way, at Aquaidam we help to take care of not only your health by purifying water with the reverse osmosis system, but we also take care of the environment.